Pasargad Kish at a glance

Pasargad Kish Water and Electricity Development and Distribution Company received its electricity retail license from the Deputy of Electricity and Energy of the Ministry of Energy on 13/9/2009. This company is one of the largest private companies supplying electricity in the country in the field of electricity supply to industrial subscribers through concluding bilateral contracts and purchasing from the energy exchange and operation and repair of water facilities. At present, this company, relying on the expertise and experience of its experts and having the support of power plant capacity, is one of the major players in the Iranian electricity market. Also, this company, as one of the largest electricity retailers with a trading ceiling of 500 MW, is ready to provide electricity to industrial subscribers at economical and reasonable prices.


The vision document of Pasargad Kish Water and Electricity Development and Distribution Company has been compiled as follows: • Acquiring the title of the best electricity supplier in Iran by offering new solutions and services • Development of electricity retail market in Iran and providing technical and economic solutions to reduce electricity supply costs to customers • Develop the use of distributed energy sources with the aim of preserving the environment • Develop the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as smart meters, electric vehicle charging and load response applications • Achieving new energy efficiency solutions in industrial complexes • Providing desirable services to satisfy customers according to the standards of the Ministry of Energy

Code of Ethics

The company's ethical policy towards customers, competitors, human resources and national interests is formulated as follows: • Clear, timely, accurate and complete information to customers • Speed, accuracy and quality in customer service • Adherence to ethical principles and the rule of law • Strive to develop a culture of healthy competition in the business environment • Strive for growth, excellence and continuous learning • Participate in the development of knowledge and the promotion of standards related to the electricity industry • Pioneering in charity and social affairs • Legislation and adherence to national environmental interests
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