Retail Electricity Through a Bilateral Contract

Pursuant to the Resolution dated 11/10/1594 No. 145937T 509999 of the Honorable Council of Ministers, the subject of facilitating matters related to network connection, transit of electrical energy and guaranteeing the delivery of electricity and support of bilateral contracts are among the duties and obligations of the Ministry of Energy. Also, according to the decree of the Minister of Energy No. 100/30/34585/99 dated 2020/04/28 , industrial subscribers with a contractual requirement of more than 5 MW are obliged to consume their electricity through the construction of a power plant, concluding a bilateral contract with electricity suppliers ( Provide electricity to retail companies and power plants) or energy exchanges. Therefore, the issue of electricity supply to subscribers has the necessary legal support and protection. A bilateral power supply contract is a direct financial exchange between a supplier and a consumer. Currently, only subscribers over 5 MW in the industry and mining sector can supply their required electricity consumption through bilateral contracts with their desired supplier

Benefits of bilateral contracts for industrial subscribers

Conscious choice

Ability to buy electricity from your desired supplier

Flexibility in payment

Possibility of agreed and flexible payment

Economic justification

Reduce electricity costs for industrial subscribers

Reduce Power Outage

Putting the industrial joint in the last priority of consumption management programs

Ensuring stability

Guarantee of receiving stable and reliable electricity by Iran Electricity Network Management Company

Necessary permissions of the parties for this plan

Supplement to the contract

Retail license