Energy Exchange Trading

One of the best pricing mechanisms for various types of energy carriers (including oil, gas, electricity and other energy carriers) based on the supply and demand mechanism with the aim of high liquidity and competitiveness, is the energy exchange. In the early 80’s, the idea of establishing an energy exchange to trade energy carriers was formed. On the other hand, despite the existing infrastructure in the country’s electricity industry, the Iran Electricity Exchange also started its activities as one of the active markets in the energy exchange from the beginning of 2013 .

Energy Exchange Benefits

Flexibility in supply

Generated electricity can be traded on certain receipts and in the form of intermediate, low load, peak and base load contracts in the electricity exchange.

Free access to the market

Access to the electricity exchange is free and competitive. In addition, the conditions for participation in the stock exchange are the same for everyone

Market diversity

The electricity exchange has various trading environments such as large electricity consumers market, wholesale electricity market and physical market.

Ability to purchase capacity

Purchasing capacity packages from the energy exchange has been emphasized as one of the methods of supplying electricity to industrial subscribers