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The largest electricity supplier company

Pasargad Kish Water and Electricity Development and Distribution Company was established in 2019/12/04 with the aim of supplying electricity to subscribers in the country’s electricity industry and started its activities as one of the private companies supplying electricity to subscribers.
This company, as one of the largest electricity suppliers, with the support of power plant capacity, can supply the electricity required by the subscribers through bilateral contracts and energy exchanges up to 500 MW per hour.

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Electricity Retail

Electricity retail industry is one of the strategic industries that has a pivotal and undeniable role in achieving the national development plans of the country.

Energy Exchange

One of the best pricing mechanisms for all types of energy carriers (including oil, gas, electricity and other energy carriers)

Energy Audit In Industry

Energy auditing is a convenient way to determine energy saving opportunities in an industrial unit where production status

water refinery

Pasargad Kish Water and Power Company operates in the freshwater basin using the latest technology



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