Tarz Talab : Tehran’s electricity consumption will double by 1415

The CEO of the Thermal Electricity Company stressed the need to increase electricity generation capacity in Tehran and added: Electricity demand in the region of Tehran is increasing with a relatively steep slope and is expected to increase to more than double the current amount by 1415.

According to Bargh News: Mohsen Tarztaleb, at the signing ceremony of the contract for the construction of the new Besat power plant in Tehran using the national MGT-75 turbine, stated the following: Tehran’s regional electricity is currently facing a shortage of 1,700 MW, which according to The trend of load growth in this region, the production capacity deficit will increase by about 450 MW annually by 1405.

The CEO of Thermal Power Company mentioned that one of the serious problems of Tehran Electricity Network is the old age and wear and tear of a significant part of the existing power plants and added: Environmental consequences for new power plants, as well as declining efficiency due to equipment wear, are among the consequences.

Tarztalab emphasized: “According to this, the parent company specializing in thermal power generation decided to proceed with the construction of a new high-efficiency combined cycle power plant at the Besat power plant in order to increase the efficiency of the power generation network and reduce environmental pollutants.”

Referring to the thermal power company plan to replace and retire the Tarasht, Rey and Besat power plants in Tehran, he said: “Currently, a tender for the Tarasht power plant has been held and the relevant contractor has been selected. Practical measures for the Besat power plant have been signed.” it has begun.

The CEO of the Thermal Power Company stressed the need to increase the power generation capacity of Tehran province and said: “The construction of a new power substation in Rey power plant has begun and we are waiting to receive a decision on oil purification in exchange for the project by the government.”

Tarztalab continued: The construction of new units and the dismantling of old units of Besat steam will have important results such as: significant reduction of environmental pollutants, replacement of modern electricity generation technology instead of the technology of the 60s and a sharp reduction in water consumption.

Emphasizing that the implementation of this project will save 4.4 million liters of water consumption per year, he continued: The current water consumption of Besat power plant is 208 liters per second, which with the launch of new units, the power consumption of the plant to 10 liters per second. will receive.

The CEO of Thermal Power Company, noting that the MGT-75 turbine used in this project is the latest turbine designed and built by Mapna Group, added: This product is a machine in the group of “advanced F-class” gas turbines in the world that can compete with products. It has an international index in this class.

Tarztalab emphasized that this turbine is able to use hydrogen fuel along with the main fuels, stating: The capacity of power plants based on this turbine in the simple cycle is 222 MW and in the lowest scenario of the combined cycle is 330 MW. The efficiency of the power plant will reach 39.1% in the simple cycle and more than 59% in the combined cycle mode.